Bishop Sam Zuga Writes Buhari An Open Letter

It’s an era of open letter and Bishop Sam Zuga has written president Buhari an open letter.

Bishop Sam Zuga Writes Buhari An Open Letter

Bishop Sam Zuga is a philanthropic father, and a social commentator. Read the letter below.


Your excellency Sir,
Peace and prosperity be with you. You are not only my president, you are also my father. You are even older than my biological father.

It is my pleasure to send you words of encouragement and prayers during this your trying times, even as I am still in tears about the killings in Benue state recently.

I know what you are going through as a Leader of our great nation Nigeria. My church is less than 10,000 members but I know what I am going through, how much more you that have over 200 million Nigerians.

I know you have very good intentions for Nigeria. I know that you are surprise to see what is happening in Nigeria different from your expectations.

I know that you receive condemnation and red card everyday. Some are even wishing you dead.

But I want you to also known the following:

1.Nigerians loves you more than any past president.

2. Nigerians voted for you with high sense of jealously and pride.

3. Someone trekked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate your victory which has never happen to any president before.

Nigerians looked at you as their only saviour that can bring back the honour and glory of Nigeria. Therefore, there was curiosity and anxiety with high volume of expectations.

I want to let you know that Nigerians didn’t hate you but they believe and are still believing that you can do higher and better than what is done so far.

Before I pray for you, let me remind you and everyone who want to become a leader.

Remember that Shagari was doing his best before you condemned and overthrew him. Jonathan was doing his best before you condemned and sent him out of Aso Rock. Today you are facing the same condemnation they faced while doing your best to make things better.

Let us learn to be patient with our leaders and support them to succeed. So that when it is our turn to lead, others will support us.

I don’t want to follow my colleagues in condemning you because I want to be a good leader tomorrow.

The Bible says we should pray for our leaders and the land. Not to curse, insult and condemned.

I pray that the Almighty God turn His merciful eyes towards you and bless you. The remaining days of your administration will be flowing with milk and honey. The same way you saw sudden hardship is the same way you will see sudden prosperity and abundance. God will send to you people who will transform your government into the best in the world. There shall be peace all over the country. Nigerians shall eat in plenty and celebrate your exit out of Aso Rock in honour and glory. You will handover to someone who will continue with your best legacies. You will live long and die in good old age.

I pray and prophesy in Jesus Christ name. Amen. From Bishop Dr Sam Zuga (Benue state)


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1 thought on “Bishop Sam Zuga Writes Buhari An Open Letter

  1. Since, Buhari has refused to order for the arrest or deportation of our killers, such a prayer will not work, because God detests leaders that stained their hands with blood and are unwilling to repent.

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