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Benue APC Is Killing Benue State Systematically – Samuel Gar

Benue is in deep trouble. Grave trouble. She has been put in a deep mess by what is clearly the APC government’s colossal incompetence and lack of vision. Nothing is working, and Benue is rapidly and steadily grinding to a violent halt.

Rather than find a way out of the economic and social mayhem it has aggravated, it has decided to systematically auction the remaining enterprises that are evidently our last beacon of hope in the midst of a terribly bad situation. Nothing can be as despicable as this. I keep asking: Is this government thinking at all? It’s as amazing to me as it is dumbfounding!

Why sell Taraku Mills. Benue Links, Modern Market, Benco Roofing Tiles, Otukpo Burnt Bricks, Annune Tomato Factory, Benue Plastics, Benue Fruit Juice company etc etc. There is absolutely no political or economic sense nor common sense in this Policy Decision! None!! IS GOVERNMENT SAYING BENUE STATE LACKS THE COMPETENCE OR RESOURCE CAPACITY TO REVAMP AND PROPERLY MANAGE THESE ENTERPRISES? The answer is No! We can turn them around with a visionary professional team. They are right here with us.

Why, for example, has government turned down and turned back virtually all investors that have applied to inject funds to revamp these companies since the inception of this administration? Why is government more interested in selling than in recapitalization? Who benefits in the end? The people of Benue State or the shylock buyers? The political vampires of course. They are the ones buying up Benue’s prime assets!

Why are States like Nasarawa, Taraba, Bauchi, Plateau, Kebbi, Plateau, Imo, etc etc establishing new companies, reinvigorating others, and resuscitating moribund ones to create wealth and employment for their people and Benue State is busy selling off hers? How do you explain this besides ineptitude, greed, economic rape, sabotage of the State, primitive acquisition, and sheer wickedness?

I call on the youth of Benue to rise up and demand (through the State House of Assembly, Traditional Rulers, Church Leaders) a halt to the sale of their birthright and the mortgaging of their future.

I call on the good people of Benue State, here and in the diaspora, to impress on the State Government to stop this wanton sale of our prime economic assets!

I call on the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, Benue State, Leaders of Church Denominations, Statesmen and women, and Civil Society Organizations to place a demand on government to halt this process so that a better and more profitable solution can be found by Benue’s professionals.

To keep disposing State Assets at GIVE AWAY (outrageous and ridiculous) prices is to place Benue State in paralytic jeopardy!

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