Nigerian Youths: Our Mumu No Do, Abi Make We Mumu Enter 2019? By Timi Olagunju

“It is alleged that the best way to hide something from a black man is to put it in a book (an article or on Google). I hope you prove it wrong”

For a while now, I have largely advocated the need for ‘corrective design’, in building the Nigeria we desire. Last year, I wrote an article on the subject of correcting the default mindset within the Nigerian consciousness, but more recently nothing proves this need than the perception of some about candidates in the 2019 election, especially in my active experience campaigning for Federal House of Representatives within Ibadan North, as well as discussing with Nigerians from all sides of the rectangle.

Quickly, default mindset is assuming a position in a particular way (mostly following a herd-mentality) without questioning its soundness or validity; and mostly without research – in pigdin English, it is called “mumu”.

Nigeria, Youths: Our Mumu No Do, Abi Make We Mumu Enter 2019? By Timi Olagunju

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