Red Card: 2019 Gov Election Tickets Are For Party Loyalists - PDP

Red Card: 2019 Gov Election Tickets Are For Party Loyalists – PDP

Ortom’s 2019 governorship race keeps hitting the rock is he was said to be given red card from the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC. This was fully reported on Monday.

On Tuesday, Benue people woke to see the posters of gov Ortom littered everywhere in Makurdi, it was a shock as he never mentioned which party he was joining as at the time of announcing his formal exit from the APC. This was fully reported by Benue Reporters.

In another development, the Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bemgba Iortyom has just released a press statement confirming a report which some people did not agree with.


Below is the press statement


Politics, many say, is a game of interests, but at a higher and more refined level, it is the art of aggregation of group ideas targeted to the betterment of society. However, such ideas could be sustained and given effect only by the loyalty and commitment of those who believe in them.

Since 2015, the idea of a new Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been pursued with commitment and relentless vigour by both the leadership and members of the party in Benue State.

Teeming faithful of the party in the rural areas, the towns and cities have passionately and through sacrifice committed time, energy and resources to reviving, repositioning and re-beautifying the party, such that it has become the beautiful bride it is now.

As we head into the 2019 election year, it is understandable that the beauty, stability and solidity of the Benue PDP as a platform will attract many who may be harbouring electoral ambitions.

The leadership of the party in the state, under the firm, focused and transparently run captaincy of Sir John Ngbede is fully mindful of its ripened beauty and the many suitors such beauty will inevitably attract.

Yet, as a cardinal rule, the PDP in Benue State will at every point recognise, appreciate and reward the loyalty and commitment its members have steadfatedly shown over the years since 2015.

The persecution, harrassments and sundry hazards endured by both leaders and members of the party as a price of being in the opposition to the ruling government, will never be in vain.

Our party faithful, who are clearly the largest political family in Benue State, must, more than ever before, stand united and focused on the goal of winning back power at the 2019 elections.

We must guard against distractions from whatever quarters, and in whatever form, for such will unavoidably come at us.

We have run a good and strong race from 2015, and now we are in sight of the tape at the 2019 finishing line, but it is only by keeping our focus firm that we will breast the tape ahead of others.

Benue PDP remains ever appreciative and proud of its governorship aspirants-

* Rt. Hon. Terhemen Tarzoor, PhD
* Prof. David Ker
* Engr Felix Atume, FNSE
* Hon. Gabriel Tivlumun Nyitse, PhD
* Dr. Paul Orhii, OON
* Dr. Terungwa Stephen Hwande
* Surv. John Tondu
* Comrd. Richard Gbawuan
* Prof. Joseph Tor Iorapuu
* Rt. Hon. Dave Iorhemba
* Prof. Eugene Aliegba
* Comrd. Simon Anchaver

They remain the assurance PDP has of winning back state government power at the 2019 elections, for in every one of them we have a solid, credible and viable candidate capable of emerging victorious in the coming election.


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1 thought on “Red Card: 2019 Gov Election Tickets Are For Party Loyalists – PDP

  1. If Mr. Gov really understands what is Red=card and its rules and laws in a game, he shouldn’t have be talking about reelection. Once red card is issued, automatically you off the field of play. And you also misses next match. Therefore he has accepted the red card and his features for next election is impossible.

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