Benue Born, Adewa King Releases A New Song “I Know Yahweh” |@adewaking

At every point you find yourself, understand that the depth of God you know determines the dimension of God you show. You can’t know the All-powerful God and show powerlessness! You can’t know the Holy God and show carnality.

You can’t possess an experiential knowledge of God and live in perpetual defeat. To be deep in God is to be high in life. To know God is to show His glory! The depth of God you know defines the height of God you show.

I Know Yahweh therefore is a song that sets you on a spiritual frequency to take maximal possession of your personality in Christ. It’s a song borne out of deep fellowship with the personality of the Holy Ghost.

Adewa King is a worship sensation, whose unique worship style has impacted the life and lifestyles of many. You can’t listen to his songs and miss God’s Presence. I see God being replicated in your experiences as you listen.


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